Born in 2014, Aktiva Trading (which belongs to Aktiva Group) is a Portuguese company that, although young, rely on a team made of professionals with long years of experience who guarantee know-how of excellence in the business areas where the company is present. At Aktiva Trading, it’s the people who make the difference!

Our core is Trading and we promote the movement of goods around the world, with special focus on the Arab countries, but also in other parts of the world, whether in Europe, Africa or Asia.

Bearing in mind that phenomena such as globalization or containerization have come to stay and that the world is increasingly a global village, we have focused on the potential of trade between countries and territories, leaving the efficient exchange of various types of goods just a phone call or a click away.


At Aktiva Trading, we seek to do business in the most varied areas of international commerce, aiming to guarantee excellence in the service provided and offering unique opportunities for our clients.


We want to be a reference in the sector, synonym of trust and good service provided, always based on the proximity to the costumers and the resolution of their problems.

Values: our three key pillars

Whoever works with Aktiva Trading should be aware that we always value three key pillars that define us as a company: Globality, Business and Trust.


At Aktiva Trading, the world is our office. With a trading activity based on international trade, borders cease to make sense. Nowadays, International trade already has a considerable share of Aktiva Trading’s business and our presence is already felt worldwide – with a special focus on Europe, Asia and Africa (especially in the Arab countries).


At Aktiva Trading, we know that Business is the key, but we also know that a good business is one that makes every stakeholder happy (win-win business). We always look to materialize these good businesses because we know that the business partner that wins with us is the business partner that will come back to us tomorrow.


At Aktiva Trading, we believe that any relationship based on trust always has much greater potential than a simple supplier-customer or seller-buyer relationship. We also value personal relationships very much and we know that satisfied and trusting partners will be the ones with whom we will return to work in the future.

Other business areas

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