In its consolidated growth process and in response to specific market demands, Aktiva has also been focusing on its own brands, both products and services. The best examples are Blua and Stock End – two brands that are not related at all and have totally different scopes that show the breadth of the market and the polyvalence of the areas covered.

With the Blua (blua.pt), Aktiva has entered the water trade market with a differentiated and high-quality product given the innate characteristics of the water and its collection. With or without gas, Blua reaches several markets in the formats of 1,5L, 0,5L and 0,33L.

Stock End was created by Aktiva to respond to both offer and demand within its activity. Aktiva promotes open days for its customers where it exposes its great market opportunities, under extremely favorable conditions. Stock End days are face-to-face business days!

Blua and Stock End are just two of the brands that are already consolidated in the range of Aktiva offerings. But we will not stop. Be aware, we will have news soon!