AKTIVA is aware of the new trends, needs and demands of the global market. Developing our new products and brands, AKTIVA is aligned to the fast growing markets wordlwide.


As an exemples we create and devoloped our own Brand BLUA Water. AKTIVA entered in the water trade market with a great and differentiated high-quality product. Sparkly or still water with diferente sizes of bottles (0.33, 0.5 or 1,5 liters), BLUA water has a great image and unique smoothness. 
We devolped K’PRESSO Brand, this is Coffee Pods from several origins providing variety of tastes and coffe texture and bodyness.. Quality wise they are also compatible with Nespresso Machines.
Another example of AKTIVA brand is STOCK END. We promote Open Day, openning our doors to the public with special offer of diverse products. Stock End days are face-to-face business days!


Inspite of this brands not being related, they reflet our dinamic and creative business aproach. Always aiming for better and newer, AKTIVA stands and thrives into the worldwide market.