standard-title Sunflower Oil Offer

Sunflower Oil Offer


Sunflower Oil Offer

Brand: White Label
Type: Refined
1 Liter Per Bottle
Origin: South América
Quantity per container: 25 MT 
Payment: 100% before loading
MOQ: 25000 MT
Price: 1600 MT CIF any AWSP


Click for specifications 1ESP-MP-005 – Aceite de Girasol


1) Buyer issues a LOI 
2) Seller issues FCO
3) Buyer sign seal and return the FCO
4) Seller issues Draft Contract
5) Buyer sign, seal and return the Contract, seller sign the Contract and return to the Buyer
6) Buyer Bank sends a DLC to the seller’s Bank
7) Shipment Starts.
All prices are Indicative , please contact us for updated current price and offer .
Price is subject to change without prior notice.